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Sooyoung Park

Sooyoung Park @swimming__park1010 was working as a residency artist in STUDIO2 from 15.05. till 22.05.2023 as part of the cooperation STUDIO2 x tanz:digital residency.

Sooyoung Park is an artist who works based on the combination of dance, body and technology. Currently, she is studying contemporary dance MA at the Korea National University of Art, and doing exchange student at the Live Arts and Performance Studies in University of Arts in Helsinki. She majored computer science at BA and found the creative process of her art work similar to scientific studies. She mainly researches the combination of body and technology through an general understanding of technology and a dance approach, and has done individual works such as VR exhibitions through the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, and joined Dance Technology Project of the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company. As a performer, she has participated in international productions and most recent performance was supported by Ufer studio berlin. Her question is how the dance adapts to the virtual world and explores the meaning of the physical body and the nature of the virtual world.

Working mainly in the virtual world in the era of rapidly changing digital transformation, she is afraid of the future and where her body disappears. However, on the other hand, it tries to question which body image will be suitable for the future environment, the meaning of the remaining body, and the shape of the future society preserving such a body.

Part of the residency process was also the survey "Future Body Expectations".

This residency is a pilot model in the frame of the funding programme tanz:digital of Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

The project was funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the program NEUSTART KULTUR.