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Lene Gaiser

Coordination STUDIO2 / Practice Performing Arts

+49 (30) 611 07 65 20

Coordinates and curates STUDIO2 and the STUDIO2 residency programme of the ITI. She has worked for the theater cooperative Traumschüff - Theater im Fluss as a dramaturge and is currently part of the theater collective Polyformers.

Milica Tančić

Organisation STUDIO2

+49 (30) 611 07 65 20

Is responsible for the organisation of STUDIO2. She has worked in ITI assisting at the Media Library for Dance and Theatre, as well as the project tanz digital, and the Archive of the festival Theater der Welt. In addition, she is active as a freelance dance artist.

Christine Henniger

Project manager Archive and Practice/ Media Library for Dance and Theatre

+49 (30) 611 07 65 25

Coordinates the area Archive and Practice / Cultural Heritage in the Performing Arts at the ITI, which comprises the topics Research, Digitisation and Mediation in the Practice of Performing Arts and the Archives.

Maxim Wittenbecher

Coordination Media Studio / Video Documentation

+49 (30) 611 07 65 21

Responsible for the area of Digitalisation, Digital Technologies and Digital Interlinking in the performing arts. He coordinates the media studio / Documentation Area at the ITI. Topics he focuses on in his work are Recording and Streaming Technologies, Data Ontologies and Information Systems.

Michel Barre

Assistant Video Documentation / Digitisation

In the field of Film Editing, Film Cutting and Digitalization, he works in the Media Studio and the Media Library for Dance and Theatre. He regularly assists in the film documentation of projects, productions and conferences.

Lea Terhaag

Student Assistant STUDIO2

+49 (30) 611 07 65 20

Supports the work of STUDIO2 in administrative processes. She also assists in the project tanz digital by coordinating archival rights requests as well as in the conception, planning and implementation of events. She is currently a Master's student in Applied Literary Studies at the Free University of Berlin and has a practical theatre background in dramaturgy and directing.