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Profile Studio2

© Sophie Rombos

The STUDIO2 functions as an open rehearsal space in and for the scene in Berlin. We see it as our task to counteract the tense space situation within the city due to rising rents and a lack of work spaces for artists by providing affordable work space in the center of Berlin. As an established working space for performing artists, the studio is also part of the networking format “Proberaumcafé” initiated by the Performing Arts Program of the LAFT (Landesverband Freie Darstellende Künste Berlin) and the associated “Proberaumplattform”. This form of mutual exchange facilitates the continuous development of studio work and active networking in Berlin's rehearsal space landscape.

The combination of theoretical and practical artistic exploration is one of the essential features in the work of STUDIO2. The close connection to the documentary practice of the Mediathek for Dance and Theatre at the International Theatre Institute is based on the 30 years of experience of the former Mime Centrum.

How artistic approaches can be documented and archived is questioned and examined at STUDIO2 in a cooperative exchange between artists, archivists and scholars.

The concept of STUDIO2 is based on three pillars:

Rehearsal and Research: For short and also long-term rehearsals as well as artistic research sequences, artists can use the studio in the context of intensive work phases and for the preparation of performances. It is possible to organize smaller public formats such as showings, previews or lectures within the framework of these work processes. However, the STUDIO2 is not a venue in the sense of a performance space for guest performances.

Qualification and participation: In regional and international courses and workshops beginners, advanced and professionals can learn and consolidate dance and theater techniques and try out experimental interdisciplinary formats. Various qualification programs engage international actors of the scene in a common exchange and discourse.

Archive and practice: In the combination of practical audiovisual documentation and the theoretical monitoring and investigation of the preservation of artistic processes, the STUDIO2 team works closely with artists, scientists and developers. The studio is the extended archive, the media library the extended rehearsal room.


In morning and evening formats, independent courses are offered in the studio by trainers and course instructors on various performative techniques. For different levels of experience these courses provide a regular opportunity to work with the respective movement formats. You can find the course offerings here. For free places please contact the instructors directly.


The STUDIO2 offers space for professional workshops in the field of performing arts. These can also be interdisciplinary in character (examples: Dance, Physical Theater, Spoken Theater, Musical Theater, Performance Art, Clowning, Video Art) and range from collaborative movement research to introductions to performative techniques to movement jams. If you want to use the STUDIO2, please check our calendar for available times. Please send us a brief workshop description and a short info about you for your workshop request.


The STUDIO2 is a place where the focus is on sustainable working. Even without performance pressure or project reference, you can rehearse freely in the STUDIO2, conduct movement research and experiment artistically interdisciplinary. For rehearsals, the STUDIO can also be used for short intervals. If you want to use the STUDIO2, please check our calendar for available times.


The STUDIO2 residency program offers artists the opportunity to explore a topic of their choice, a research focus or a research approach over an extended period of time. Twice a year, interested artists can apply for the program, which offers a two-week residency at the studio.


In collaboration with international partners, STUDIO2 works - often together with the Media Library for Dance and Theater of the International Theater Institute - on issues related to artistic practice with a strong interdisciplinary connection, to documentation and transmission of knowledge as well as digital technologies in the performing arts.