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Collaborative Projects

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In 2024, the international dance festival tanzpol will be exploring the positions of Afghan and Iranian artists. The curatorial focus of tanzpol is on the conditions and situations of being in exile and explores the question: ‘How do experiences of exile continue within an international artistic field?’ The festival programme confronts the multi-layered and complex nature of the term ‘exile’ on an artistic level and in discussion formats.

A workshop format by choreographer and dance artist Ulduz Ahmadzadeh will be organised in cooperation with the ITI's Studio2. With the ITI's media library for dance and theatre, the focus will be on the archive in exile. In the panel discussion ‘Timeless - Speechless’, positions on the development of an Iranian dance archive in Berlin will be discussed.


The aim of the cooperation project zwischen__räumen // między__miejscami, conducted by STUDIO2 of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) and Materia is to combine the working experiences and methods of the participating artists and cultural organisations in Poland and in Germany. The mutual exchange from different perspectives will enable the artists and organisations to expand their knowledge of what sustainable transnational support structures for artist residencies can look like. Each residency project should therefore include some participatory sequences based on the individual approach of the artists in residency, such as but not limited to public sharings, discussion rounds, digital publication, or workshop formats. 

Moreover, there was a joint conference on the 20th of October in the Academic Design Centre, Łódź, which gave the artists the opportunity to reconsider the work process during the residencies and get into an exchange with the other residents and the participating organisations.

The programme was funded by the Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation.

2022: Nitsan Margaliot: FORESIGNS — TRIPLE BILL

An evening of 3 pieces by Berlin-based choreographer Nitsan Margaliot: A Visit, En Moon and Returning.
A Visit, created with Mari Sawada and premiered with Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop at Radialsystem. It deals with abandoned stories and previously experienced encounters.
En Moon is a solo work performed by Scott Jennings, it is a prayer to the moon by the last living being that brings back memories to the world.
Returning, performed with the cellist Boram Lie, questions how one can exist outside of their own skin - it emphasizes the impossibility of having a complete perspective and objectivity on ourselves.

2021-2023: TANZ DIGITAL

The tanz digital funding project is the starting point for long-term work on the media presentation of dance in Germany and is being carried out by the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland as the supporting institution in cooperation with various partner organizations. The International Theatre Institute with its Media library for Dance and Theatre and its STUDIO2 represents one of these partners. The focus is on testing and developing innovative formats of digital dance productions as well as the basic work for their editorial embedding and legal compensation. As a cooperation of dance producing institutions, dance actors as well as documentation centers and memory institutions of dance, tanz digital also wants to function as a knowledge repository and enabler in the application practice of digital technologies. tanz digital is part of the NEUSTART KULTUR program of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


The perennial project (2020-2023) “performing_archive” by the artist collective WILHELM GROENER deals with the questioning of one's own artistic approach to memory, to the archival, its methods, rhythms, connotations, extensions and (re)orders. What can a performative archive be or represent? What can an archiving of the performative be? As artistic output, new choreographic works and performances, publications, film works, online projects, exhibition pieces are created. In 2020, the Media library for Dance and Theatre cooperated with Wilhelm Groener in the live online performance 33 SKIZZEN_performing@archive, which was presented in cooperation with the CoFestival in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The documentation of the performance is still available online.


The serial project “Radiochoreography” by artist, performer and researcher Netta Weiser is a radiophonic archive of dance practices created by women choreographers in times of migration and border crossing. Through a practice of live broadcasting, times and places are transposed into the here and now of radio, creating an intimate, untouchable dance. A transnational and intergenerational sisterhood conquers new spaces for dance and creates genealogies based on practices of listening. In 2021, a the radio programme Comings and Goings was broadcasted live on the station from the Media library for Dance and Theatre as part of the festival tanznacht Berlin.


Founded in 2020 as a different archive, the project “Touching margins” by artists Sasha Portyannikova and Nitsan Margaliot sought to bring the voices of dancers who have been little or not at all represented in dance archives worldwide to the fore. The extension of the project through the NPN-funded research phase "Moving Margins" provided the opportunity for longer-term research of 7 artists - Amelia Uzategui Bonilla, Bianac Mayasari Figl, Christelle Ahia Kamanan, Kasia Wolińska, Agata Siniarska, Sasha and Nitsan. The results of this research were presented in 2021 via a live streamed conference in cooperation with Studio2 and the Media Library für Dance and Theatre/ITI.


For more than 10 years, Studio2 has regularly hosted the Franco-German cooperation project "Atelier Physical Theatre" in collaboration with the Platform for Franco-German Art. The format serves the exchange between young international artists and is aimed at actors from both countries who would like to deepen their competencies in the field of movement theatre. In workshops on practical methods and a theoretical study of documentary material, participants will be able to explore different schools of theatre based on body language. 


For more than 30 years, going back to the video documentary work of the Mime Centrum Berlin, the team of the ITI has been doing video work for and with artists. The cooperation ranges from the production and provision of raw video material to the creation of trailers, streamings and complete documentaries. With the technical knowledge of the ITI Media Studio team, videos can be pre-produced, edited and streamed. Joint video projects with artists also include experimental formats, video art, 360 degrees, VR.


How dance and digitality influence each other is a permanent focus of the work at STUDIO2. This involves both joint experimental work on innovative technical developments and critical discussion of the digital turn in the arts.