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Magda Niedzielska and Michał Przybyła

Magda Niedzielska @magda.niedzielska_ and Michał Przybyła @michaspes worked at STUDIO2 from 17.08. till 30.08. in the frame of the zwischen__räumen // między__miejscami residency programme.

The programme is a cooperation between Materia, Łódź and the International Theatre Institute Germany.

Magda Niedzielska is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and Pilates instructor. She holds a Master's degree in Choreography and Dance Theory from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. She is currently studying Performativity at the Jagiellonian University. She participated in an international program at Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel and was a dancer of Elephant with the Black Box Junior Dance Company in Madrid. She worked with Krakow Dance Theatre and as an independent choreographer. Her works include the performances such as 'Light Room' with Central Europe Dance Theatre in Budapest, 'Humanimal' (with Natalia Dinges, Michal Przybyla, Piotr Skalski, Ozgur Ede), 'an_na' (with Pamela Bosak), 'More' (with cellist Paweł Czarakcziew).

Michał Przybyła is a dancer, choreographer, performer. A graduate of the Academy of Humanities and Economics in Łódź (dance and choreography). He completed the MASA program organized by the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel. In the years 2016-2020 he was a dancer artist at the Polish Dance Theater in Poznań. He is a student of the University of Warsaw, majoring in Social Arts at the Institute of Polish Culture. He is the creator of the performances "Bromance", "Humanimal", "Black is my happy color".
In 2020, he received a creative scholarship from the City of Krakow and became a resident of the Theater and Dance Center in Warsaw. He was also a resident of TanzFaktur in Köln, Germany as part of the INKUBATOR 2020 program. He was a scholarship holder of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for the year 2020/II. He collaborates with the Studio Theater in Warsaw, the Powszechny Theater in Warsaw, Komuna Warszawa.

This is what Magda and Michał say about their research during the residency: "We will focus on the quality of softness, experienced through the body, senses, and as a state of mind. Our bodies, disciplined through the process of education, through cultural norms, and political power are constantly ready, in tension to fight with violence in its various forms. As feminist-queer duo living in the conservative political atmosphere, as artists in precarious reality, as dancers who undergone rigorous physical training, we believe that softness can be a way of protest. The constant movement between qualities of what is resilient, swollen, what entwines, grows and the softness of it, softness as power. We will reach to concepts of Paul Preciado, Spinoza, research of dr Łucja Iwanczewska, post-porn, and process them through our bodies and sensibility."

The project was funded by the German-Polish Foundation for Cooperation.