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Conscious Body System

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Course Description

Conscious Body System (CBS) is a brain/body workout created by Chaim Gebber / Open Scene. It teaches movers how to build up strength rather than saving it, and how to use that strength in a safe and healthy way. CBS is a system which guides movers to be precise and work consciously with their bodies and unique structures.

During the classes, we train the body to magnify basic skills of moving to and from the floor, until we are comfortable with fast weight transitions. This is done through pulling and pushing movements on the floor, in safety and at personal speeds. Thinking through movement is an important tool for comprehending the muscular activations in the body. The idea is to create an environment where it is possible to go as fast as possible, or as slow as needed.

The Conscious Body System is structured in two parts: improvisation system and movement workout combination. During the entire class special attention is focused on the work of core strength in order to give adequate support for safe movements and the development of upper/lower connectivity. By transferring and pressing weight into the floor, it is possible to understand how powerful movements can be produced with minimal effort. Based on each mover’s personal skeletal structure and musculature, with conscious placement of weight on single points, movements become logical consequences of shifted weight. Another very important aspect of the CBS is the shifting focus from skin, muscles and bones, while doing the exercises. We do this in order to reach different movement qualities, either activating or relaxing muscle groups depending on the task the body should accomplish.

Course Dates
MONDAY; 9.30 - 11.00

Chaim Gebber and Roberta Pupotto

Course Facts

Costs per training: 12 Euro
5X-Card: 50 Euro


New classes from January 2023:

Fridays, 19.00 - 20.30

Monthly Rate: 45 Euro
10 Classes Card: 110 Euro
Single Class: 13 Euro


More information and registration via e-mail: